Head Teacher  

PSHCE / RSE / Designated Safeguarding Lead /

Mrs. H. Henderson

Deputy Head Teacher  (SLT)

Maths/ RE/ Assessment /Curriculum/DSL

Mrs. H. Green
 SENCO  (SLT)  DSL Mrs. M. Sileck-Ainsley

Class Teacher(Yr 6)


Mr W. Russell

Class teacher (SLT)(Yr 5)


KS2 lead/ Senco support / History/ Geography lead

Mrs H Green


Ms S Birkett (covering DH leadership time)

Class teacher (SLT) (Yr 4)


Mrs H Hilditch (maternity Leave)


Miss K Thomas( covering mat leave)

Class teacher (Yr 3)

Computing / Eco club

Mr. T. Voaden

Class teacher (Yr 2)

English / PE/ KS1 lead

Miss G. Woolley

Class teacher (Yr 1)


Mrs. C. Haigh  (0.6)

Miss. J Norwood (0.5)

Class teacher (Reception)

shared EYFS lead

designated Early Years Lead

Miss. K. Vinter

Class teacher (Nursery)

shared EYFS lead PSHCE

Sciece / PSHCE

Miss L. Chadderton (0.6)


Miss. J. Norwood (0.5

Class teachers (Resource Class)

Resource Unit Manager

Mrs. V. Nicholl


Mrs Sileck-Ainsley

Class Teacher (PPA cover)

HLTA  (PPA cover)


Pastoral Support  - working with children and families

Ms. S. Birkett

Mrs A Hamblin


Mrs K Greenhalgh (6 hours p/w)

                                                                Teaching Support Staff

Mrs. L. Booth (Reception) Mrs. H. Howarth
Mrs. I. Rani      Mrs. A. Hamblin (HLTA)
Mrs. G. Lutley   (Nursery) Mrs. S. Pearce
Mrs. K. Heap      Mrs. L. Wood
Mrs. S. Akhtar  Mrs. P. Woodward

 Mrs S Voaden

Mrs. N. Addyman

Mrs S Mirza


Office staff  
Office manager        Mrs. S. Brown
Clerical support               Mrs. C. Noble
Site Manager           Mr. S. Jenkinson