Year 4 home learning page!


Here you will find information for Year 4 and what we will be focusing on this week. Each week, activities will be set on Sumdog, Spelling Shed, Purple Mash, and Google Classroom. 


Previous Weeks Home Learning

Spring Term 

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Autumn Term

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                        Non-screen challenges                  Non-screen challenges                       

Have a look at the year 4 challenge for the week, on the weekly home learning page.



Paint or draw a family portrait                   Make a musical instrument from junk                                 Order your books         


Learn a song                         Write a letter to a family member or neighbour                 Watch the clouds go by


Write down 2 things you are grateful for                 Vacuum and polish in the house              Be a superhero, wear a cape  


Perform a puppet show                                Make a smoothie                             Use vegetables to make your

                                                                                                                                   own characters


Leave happy notes around the house             Smile at people at home                         Do something kind for someone 




Other useful websites and links...

  • Earth Watch Europe: Strange times call for Wild Days! Sign up to learn more about science and nature

  • Nrich: A website full of mathematical games

  • Ten minute physical activity based around Disney characters

  • Shaun’s Game Academy: How to make online games

  • Oxford Owl: access to reading materials

  • Book Trust: access to reading materials

  • BBC Bitesize: educational games for a range of subjects

  • NASA Kids club

  • Education Quizzes: different subjects

  • Carol Vordeman Maths

  • Jane Considine: daily writing lessons

  • CBBC Newsround