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Wednesday, 6th May, 2020


Hello Everyone,


I am really missing you. I think about you everyday and I wonder what you are doing. 

"Who has been walking their dog, Cassie?"

"Who has been playing Mine Craft?"

"Who has busy planning a party for VE day?"

"Who has gone for a long walk up to Tandle Hills?"

"Who has been playing lego?"

"Who is helping their mummy make cookies?"

I wonder who has finished their Alice in Wonderland work? I really wish we could have finished that together. When we are back in school. I think we should still have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. What do you think?

I have put some new Home Learning on here for you to do... I am sure you will be familiar with it. I hope you enjoy it. 

I will add more activities on the website again next week.

Take care of yourselves...STAY GOOD AND STAY HEALTHY!

Love from

Mrs Sileck-Ainsley xxx