Remote Learning


Oldham Sport Development have launched an online programme of live PE sessions starting on Monday 18th May at 10am.
Sessions will be streamed on Facebook Live and shared on You Tube soon after.
See the link below to find out more:

On this page you will find a summary of the "Home Learning" activities for each year group in school:

Each child received a home learning pack  from their class teacher which included an exercise book in which to place any written work. 

The children also have links to online resources that are sent by the class teacher  using Google Classroom, Purple Mash and Class Dojo. Each year group will have  links provided for them with resources and ideas to use which will help their learning progress. These may range across the curriculum and each week there may be a different focus eg science, geography, history, R.E. Music, Art etc even PSHCE.

There will also be regular opportunities for your child to practice  and develop their skills in Maths, Reading and writing with suggestions of Phonics and spelling activities aimed at your child's ability and age-related cohort.

Each week  your teacher will provide a series of  activities to learn, practise and reinforce pre-learnt skills as well as open-ended activities and problem solving tasks.

At home, your child should be trying to do the following each day where possible:

  • practise number skills such as  number bonds, time tables and mental calculation skills. Those children using Sumdog from year 2 upwards will find  this is an exciting way of practising and embedding their skills in a fun and  exciting way using games to stimulate and motivate participation.
  • read from a fiction book/text every day to  develop fluency, increase vocabulary knowledge and increase skills linked to their own writing development;
  • Read/learn about daily news - First Class News has a free link currently to access current affairs from around the world. It contains competitions too
  • Write using a pen/pencil to maintain  fine motor skill strength in the fingers. Regular handwriting practice will further  secure these skills too.
  • Practise phonics  and spelling skills to support language and writing development

There will be  online resources available for you to use to support your child at home in a wide range of ways. These will be those you can access online but also there will be an array of 'off-screen' ideas and fun things to do with your child.

These will be added to regularly.

If you have any problem accessing any of the online activities please contact your class teacher or email the office with any concerns you may be experiencing.

We ant all of our children to feel they are supported not only in their academic learning bu tmore importantly their mental health and well-being. Please  contact Mrs Henderson if you feel your child could benefit from talking to someone in school.

Enjoy learning at home but above all else, stay at home and stay safe.

We look forward to a new future of learning together.