Topic: Travel and Transport June 2019

We re really enjoying the topic transport we have been using lots of different materials to make different forms of transport both inside and outdoors. 

We have been doing observational paintings and drawings of different types of transport.

We have had a focus on Road Safety.The children thought about how to keep themselves safe whilst walking near or crossing a road. They also thought about the importance of being visible to traffic. 

We enjoyed discussing the ways we travel to school and we encouraged each other to walk to school for a week.

We have been using 2d and 3d shapes to make different types of transport.

We have been measuring which cars can travel the furthest when we use different surfaces and types of cars.


Topic: Living Things/ Minibeasts  April/May 2019

Our topic this half term is Growing and Living Things.
We will be learning about the life cycles of plants and animals. We have started planting plants and vegetables in our outdoor area. Our role play area is now a Garden Centre. We will be looking at living things in our local environment, and reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, including Jack and the Beanstalk,Titch, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Aaaarrrggghh Spider, Super worm,From Egg to Chick. We will be looking at minibeasts this will provide opportunities to learn about how we care for creatures and for our environment, as well as plenty of counting and sequencing activities.We will find out about healthy eating and be creating representations of plants and animals using a variety of media and materials.

We have been retelling the story of Jack and the beanstalk using story masks and props. In the outside provision, the children have been practising their fine motor and gross motor skills by chalking and painting large beanstalks. We found some magic beans and we decided to plant them.  We cannot wait to see what they grow into. 

We enjoyed coming to school in clothes we had made to celebrate world Earth day.

We have been creating observational drawings of flowers and mini beasts.

We have been taking care of the ten eggs very well in the early years. We have made observations of the eggs daily watching the life cycle of the hen. After 24 hours the eggs began hatching.We kept the chicks in the heated incubator for a further 24 hours once they had hatched before transferring them into another container with more space. We enjoyed holding the chicks and taking care of them daily. Cleaning them out, feeding them and giving them water daily. We have also enjoyed making creative chick crafts and talking about and sequencing the life cycle of a hen.We have been very quiet so we can hear the chicks chirping.

Topic: People Who Help Us    February 2019

Over the next six weeks we will be finding out all about people who help us.

We started by planning our new topic. We talked about what we already know about people who help us and discussed what we would like to find out about. The children were very interested in the police to begin the topic therefore we are beginning the topic by meeting a local Police Officer and will be asking them lots of questions to find out more about how the police help us. 

We will also be meeting a firefighter and taking a look inside a fire engine. 

We will be finding out more about doctors, nurses and hospitals and will be doing an experiment to find out the importance of washing our hands and not spreading germs.  We will have a visit from a school nurse.

We will also be talking about dental care and finding out what we need to do to take care of our teeth. 

We will of course be following the children's interests so will be exploring any other 'helpful' jobs that the children talk about. 

Topic Traditional Tales   January 2019

This week we have been reading the traditional fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We have been retelling the story using story props. We have also been making our own Goldilocks and the Three Bears stories, sequencing images from the story and writing simple sentences to accompany the pictures, focusing on segmenting the sounds in words, using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

We have also been programming the bee bots to reach Goldilocks and other destinations on a map. In math's we have been ordering bears in size order and matching numerals to quantities.


Ourselves                Sept 2018

We have been looking at ourselves in mirrors, drawing and painting ourselves and talking about similarities and differences between ourselves and others in the class.

Our Families  October 2018

We talked about who is in our families and who we live with. We shared photographs of people in our families with the rest of the class. We spoke about activities and events we enjoy taking part in outside of school that are part of our routines.

“I live with my mum Jade, my dad Andrew who is a policeman and my dog Minnie.” Says Sophia 

Our Bodies                                October 2018

We have been introducing a story line into our play in the role play hospital. We have been learning new vocabulary.To introduce the new vocabulary associated with our bodies we demonstrated what equipment is used for.We enjoyed writing prescriptions for the patients and checking the baby’s temperatures.

Class Teacher: Miss Vinter

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Booth

Welcome to the Reception Class!

Your child will take part in a shared read in a small group each week and will also read individually once a week. Each child will be allocated a day that their book will be changed each week.Parental support makes a huge difference to your child’s education therefore sharing your child’s reading book with them for five minutes each evening will have a huge impact. Please sign or leave a comment in your child's reading diary. To support your child’s segmenting and blending skills further there is a great free phonics resource at which has a range of tricky word games and segmenting and blending games.


Topics in Reception 2018/2019

Autumn 1 -All about me/Ourselves

Autumn 2 - Celebrations 

Spring 1- Traditional Tales- Chinese new year/ Shrove Tuesday/ Ash Wednesday

Spring 2- People who help us

Summer 1- Living Things

Summer 2- Journeys


In the Reception class we learn through play, adult led and child initiated activities.Through play and adult led activities,children develop language skills, their emotions and creativity, social and intellectual skills. For most children their play is natural and spontaneous although some children may need extra help from adults. Play takes place indoors and outdoors and it is in these different environments that children explore and discover their immediate world. It is here they practise new ideas and skills, they take risks, show imagination and solve problems on their own or with others. Through play we hope that all children will reach the end of Reception expectations. Below are some of the expectations.

Look at books and listen to stories
• Use phonic knowledge to decode regular words
• Be secure at Phase 4 phonics
• Read Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 tricky words
• Identify rhymes and alliteration
• Join in with rhyming patterns
• Read and understand simple sentences
• Demonstrate understanding when talking with others
about what they have read
• Make basic predictions
• Identify the start and end of a sentence
• Know the alphabet and link letter names to the sound
they make
• Know the difference between a capital and lower case
• Learn some simple rhymes and poems by heart

 Speaking and Listening
• Use complete sentences to explain or describe things
• Listen carefully to what is being said and repeat this if
• Know not to interrupt when someone else is saying
• Stand up in front of others and re-tell something that
has happened to them.

• Use phonic knowledge to write simple
sentences which can be read by themselves
and others
• Write name (correct capital and lower case)
• Use capital letters and full stops to
demarcate sentences
• Write clearly demarcated sentences
• Use a correct pencil grip
• Correct formation of all letters

 Mathematics- Number/ Shape
• Count reliably to 20
• Count a number of objects by pointing to/moving
each one as they count
• Recognise numbers to 20
• Order numbers 1 – 20
• Say 1 more and1 less than numbers to 20
• Add and subtract two single digit numbers
• Form all digits 0-9 correctly
• Know the names of the days of the week in order
• Begin to recognise and name common 2D shapes,
e.g. square, rectangle, circle and triangle
• Begin to recognise and name some 3D shapes, e.g.
cube, sphere, cylinder, cone.

This half term, our topic is All About Me. We will be learning about our families, our bodies, where we live,similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends and what we like and dislike. 

Please can your child brings some photographs to share with the class.

We have been working on letter formation this term and we have been using our phonic knowledge to segment the sounds in simple words.

We have been making patterns using coloured cubes, bricks, shapes and paint.