Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to Nursery! Here we offer full and part time Nursery provision. In our class you will meet the following staff:

Miss Norwood- Nursery Teacher

Miss Chadderton- Nursery Teacher

Mrs. Lutley- Learning Support Assistant

Our children learn through a mixture of exciting, play based opportunities indoors and outside. Our topic this half term is Ourselves. As part of this topic we will ask your child about things they enjoy doing, people who are special to them and also any pets they may have. We will discuss the similarities and differences between members of our class, in both our physical appearance and personal preferences.

We will send home weekly learning opportunities in our 'Home Learning Books'. We may also sometimes post activities on Class Dojo. Please feel free to use Class Dojo to upload pictures of your child's home learning, but also of special places that you may have visited and people they have enjoyed spending time with.


Please feel free to approach any member of our Nursery team if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you throughout this important stage.



Our learning in Nursery so far:

July 2019:  

Friday 12th July 2019 St Paul’s Nursery, Barnardo’s Big Toddle.

On Friday of this week, Nursery took part in the Barnardo’s Big Toddle. We did this to raise money for children who are less fortunate. During the sessions leading up to the ‘Toddle’ Nursery were encouraged to discuss things they are grateful for. We then began to talk about how they might feel if these things weren’t there anymore. The children decided that they would feel sad and that they wanted to ensure that others didn’t feel this way. We also discussed about the physical benefits of walking around the park.


While in the park the children discussed the signs of Summer that they could see. They named flowers and we talked about the seasons. This really was a cross-curricular charity event.


We finished our ‘Toddle’ with a Teddy Bears picnic in the park and the story of the Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson. We read this to the children as we had been discussing landmarks that they have visited in previous sessions throughout the year, such as Royton Library on our way to the park.


Many members of the public stopped us and made donations on our way to and from the park, to whom we are very grateful. We are proud of our community, especially our helpers and lovely parents many of whom joined us to make our walk on Friday possible. A huge heartfelt thankyou to all who helped!

May 2019

As part of our topic, Living Things, Nursery had a special delivery of ten eggs in an incubator. Today (day 3), three of the eggs hatched! The children watched the chicks closely as they changed. They became more fluffy and began to stand up. We hope that more of the eggs will hatch tomorrow. Next week, when the chicks are stronger, the children will be able to carefully handle them


April 2019 (Summer 1)

Welcome back to the Summer term. Our topic this half term is Growing and Living Things. 

We will be learning about the life cycles of plants and animals. We will be planting seeds and, hopefully, watching them grow! Our Home Corner is now a Garden Centre. We will be observing living things in our environment, and reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts such as From Seed to Sunflower, From Egg to Chick, From Egg to Bee, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Aaaarrrggghh Spider and Titch. We will find out about healthy eating and be creating representations of plants and animals using a variety of media and materials. 







February 2019 (Spring 2)


Our topic this half term is People Who Help Us.

We will be learning about various 'people who help us' such as police officers, nurses, doctors, dentists and fire fighters.

We will be reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, including:

Zog and the Flying Doctors, Supertato, Super Worm, Open Wide and Fix It Duck.

 Nursery will be visited by different 'people who help us'.

This half term we will also be making and eating pancakes, and learning about Easter. 

During Science Week (18th-22nd March), we will be making predictions and observations as we carry out investigations just like real scientists!

We are also looking forward to World Book Day on 7th March, and Comic Relief Red Nose Day on 15th March.

January 2019


Happy New Year!

This half term our topic is Traditional Tales. We will be reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood, along with other traditional tales. We will be re-telling the stories, talking about the settings and taking on the roles of the different characters. We will be making and eating porridge.

We will continue to practise writing our names and representing the initial sounds in words.

We will be blending and segmenting the phonemes in simple words such as 'cat'. We will be learning to recognise these key words: the, me, we, he, she, be, I, go, to, and, my, was.

We will continue to practise counting forwards and backwards to at least 20, and begin to represent numbers. We will be learning to find 'one more' and 'one less' than numbers to at least ten.

We will be finding out about Chinese New Year.

We will be having lots of fun!



November 2018


This half term our topic is Celebrations. 

We will be learning about some of the special times we share with our families and friends, such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas. Last week we found out about the Hindu celebration of Diwali and made our own Diva lamps from clay. 

We will be reading the books: Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen, The Scarecrow's Wedding by Julia Donaldson and Dear Santa by Rod Campbell.






In Nursery, we have been continuing to explore all of the different areas of our indoor and outdoor environment. We have been trying to have the confidence to explore new activities.


This week, we will be reading the story 'Peace at Last.' We will be acting out and re-telling the story.

We will be collecting Autumn leaves and counting them and continuing to think about Autumn and Harvest time.


The topics for this year are:

Autumn 1: All About Me

Autumn 2: Celebrations

Spring 1: Traditional Tales

Spring 2: People Who Help Us

Summer 1: Living Things

Summer 2: Journeys

In Nursery, children follow a play-based approach to learning through a variety of practical child-initiated and adult-led activities. We follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum.  It is important that the children attain skills and knowledge in each area of the area curriculum in order to ensure continued progress throughout the following year. We want to work in partnership with you and greatly value any additional support you can provide in helping your child to achieve these objectives and ensure they are ready for the next years of learning. Children in the Early Years learn more effectively if they have developed high levels of independence, concentration and self-help skills.


Expectations for the end of Nursery:

Recognise numbers 0-10
Count reliably to at least 10
Count actions or objects that cannot be moved (to at least 10)
Count out up to 10 objects from a larger group
Use language such as ‘more’ or ‘fewer’
Find one more or one less from a group of up to 10

Begin to represent numbers

Begin to use the language of addition and subtraction

Begin to solve problems based on own interests

Begin to find the total number of items in a set by
counting all of them
To name and describe 2D and 3D shapes, and begin to talk about the
properties of shape
Use positional language e.g behind, in front, next
to, between, above
Use objects and common shapes to create and
recreate patterns

Choose to look at books and enjoys stories
Know that information can be retreived
from books and computers
Link sounds (phonemes) to letters
Hear and say initial, middle and end sounds (phonemes) in words
Can continue a ryhming string e.g. cat,
mat, sat, bat
Say each of the sounds (phonemes) in a short word
Use a wide vocabulary influenced by an
experience of books

Predict what will happen next in a story

Talk about the characters, setting and events

Describe favourite part of the story

Re-tell a story

Hold a pencil with the correct grip
Give meaning to the marks, shapes, letters
and pictures they make
To write their first and second name
Know that the sounds in a word can be
written down and that the letters used
make up a word said

Begin to form letters correctly and use in
emergent/independent writing

Begin to use letters to represent words

Begin to write labels and captions


Here are some links that you might find useful to support your child's learning:








In Nursery, we will be learning phonics using the Letters and Sounds programme. Children learn the sounds or phonemes by singing a song with an action. The link for these songs is as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGpsVmWLRFA