This week in Year 2:

Friday 20th October 2017.

In English we have been reading the book Never Tickle a Tiger. We have used the story to investigate verbs in the past tense and to write sentences with conjunctions and time openers. Conjunctions are words that join sentences together like: and, but, so, or, because and whilst. Time openers start sentences and they are words like: first, next, after, then and later. The children wrote stories using these techniques based on the end of the book. Their stories were called Don't Prod a Polar Bear! Also this week, we have looked at noun phrases. These are phrases that are created when you add more information to a noun, for example little boat. An expanded noun phrase is created when you add more information so: a little, green boat or a little boat with a triangular sail.

In Maths we have continued to work on addition and subtraction, particularly adding and subtracting ten from 2 digit numbers. We have worked more on subtraction this week as the children have found counting backwards more difficult than expected! Please practise this lots at home!!

In Science, we have begun to investigate the materials we might use for a new school uniform. We tested which materials would be appropriate and created our designs. Next week we will be making the uniforms so we would appreciate any donations of old clothing that we could cut up to use for our doll's clothing!

In History, we have continued our learning about famous nurses, with a guided reading lesson about Mary Seacole and learning about Edith Cavell.

In Geography, we have looked at map symbols and tried to guess what some of them meant.

Finally, we have begun rehearsals for our show 'The Bee Musical'. The children have brought words home to learn and should hopefully be singing the songs to practise too.